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an aesthetic approach to digital art.

Algorithmic Composition

Music can be understood as a system of aesthetic rules that govern sonic movements and transformations in time. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Music, Automatic Music and computer generative music use algorithmic techniques for composition executed by computers. Although the mythical goal of having a program that devises and executes music in a completely autonomous -and musical- way is not quite there (but not for too long, I would claim) there are increasingly deeper and more fascinating research topics for this type of music construction that may change the way we understand hear, and perceive music. Agents, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Generative Grammars, Markov Models, Chaos theory, Genetic Algorithms, Cellular Automata, and many more approaches populate the highly developed field of Algorithmic Composition. In this section I will post some of my projects including algorithmic interactive music, and also code mainly in Max/MSP. A channel for collaboration in the growing AI music community will develop from this research.



Music production, from composition and computer programming, to sound, instrument and controller design, digital audio editing, mixing and mastering, all stages in music conception have a role in art expression.

For the new release INTERWORLDS on iTunes click here:

Alvaro Lopez - Interworlds

My Blue & Out of the Blue

Salsa Interworlds


Atmospheres Performance Project


A number of performances as a DJ and electronic music performer

All0 Demo 1

All0 Demo 2

All0 live @ Notsouh Houston

All0 Molestando Mix


Pieces ranging from performances using interactive video to experimental short films.

From Empty Space to Phenomena



El Paso


Alvaro Lopez is an electronic musician, composer and sound designer, BM in Composition and Production, and MA in Music Technology. He is currently a PhD candidate in Digital Composition at UCR focused on artificial intelligence for music analysis, generation and composition. Lately, sound designer and music composer for the game Recollect from UCR Brain Game Center, his work is part of an on-going research project in memory and cognition. He has worked as mix engineer, sound designer and sound track composer for movies, short films and documentaries, alternating with instruction in digital audio for media in Colombian universities. His audiovisual interactive pieces featuring custom-design wireless UI have been part of the New Music Festival in Akron, OH, (2010-2012) playing 1960s analog synthesizers, and UCR is Composing (2015-2017) using gyroscopes and body motion, among others. His experimental audiovisual montages have been presented in several international festivals such as the UCR Film Festival 2016, Extrabismos, La Diáspora, Festival de Cine y Video de San Juan de Pasto, at Barcelona, Lima, Berlin, Bogota, Manizales and Tunja, among others.


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